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  • Free Flight was an American jazz ensemble led by Jim Walker.

  • Free fall is any motion of a body where gravity is the only or dominant force acting upon it, at least initially. Since this definition does not specify velocity, it also applies to objects initially moving upward.

  • The flight of a spacecraft, rocket, or missile when the engine is not producing thrust

  • Free flight is a developing air traffic control method that uses no centralized control (e.g. air traffic controllers). Instead, parts of airspace are reserved dynamically and automatically in a distributed way using computer communication to ensure the required separation between aircraft.

  • A coxswain, esp. of a racing boat

  • coxswain: the helmsman of a ship's boat or a racing crew

  • act as the coxswain, in a boat race

  • cyclooxygenase: either of two related enzymes that control the production of prostaglandins and are blocked by aspirin

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The Meaning of Night: A Confession

The Meaning of Night: A Confession

The atmosphere of Bleak House, the sensuous thrill of Perfume, and the mystery of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell all combine in a story of murder, deceit, love, and revenge in Victorian England.
"After killing the red-haired man, I took myself off to Quinn's for an oyster supper." So begins the "enthralling" (Booklist, starred review) and "ingenious" (Boston Globe) story of Edward Glyver, booklover, scholar, and murderer. As a young boy, Glyver always believed he was destined for greatness. A chance discovery convinces him that he was right: greatness does await him, along with immense wealth and influence. Overwhelmed by his discovery, he will stop at nothing to win back a prize that he knows is rightfully his.
Glyver's path to reclaim his prize leads him from the depths of Victorian London, with its foggy streets, brothels, and opium dens, to Evenwood, one of England's most beautiful and enchanting country houses, and finally to a consuming love for the beautiful but enigmatic Emily Carteret. His is a story of betrayal and treachery, of death and delusion, of ruthless obsession and ambition. And at every turn, driving Glyver irresistibly onward, is his deadly rival: the poet-criminal Phoebus Rainsford Daunt.
The Meaning of Night is an enthralling novel that will captivate readers right up to its final thrilling revelation.

82% (13)

Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon

Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon

Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon (c. 1535 – 14 December 1595) was the eldest son of Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon and Catherine Pole.

His paternal grandparents were George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon, and Anne Stafford, Countess of Huntingdon. His maternal grandparents were Henry Pole, 1st Baron Montagu, and Jane Neville, a daughter of George Nevill, 4th Baron Bergavenny, and Margaret Fenne.

Anne Stafford was a daughter of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, and Catherine Woodville. Henry Pole was a son of Sir Richard Pole and Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury. Margaret was the only daughter of George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, and Isabella Neville, Duchess of Clarence.

Both Buckingham and Clarence were descendants of the House of Plantagenet, were close relatives to various monarchs of England and entertained hopes for the throne during their lifetimes.

He was born in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, and was educated at first by private tutors at his family manor. He later joined the future Edward VI of England as his classmate in being tutored under Richard Cox, John Cheke and Jean Belmain. They provided both youths with an education based in the principles of Humanism.

His father was a political ally of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, and to further their alliance the two elder politicians arranged the marriage of their children. On 21 May 1553, Henry was wed to Catherine Dudley, daughter of Northumberland by Jane Guildford. Edward VI was dying and his appointed heir was his cousin Lady Jane Grey. Northumberland was scheming to become the power behind the throne during this new reign since Jane was his daughter-in-law.

The reign of Jane was brief (10 July - 19 July 1553) and then a revolt deposed her in favour of her cousin Mary I of England. Due to his marital alliance with her, Henry was incarcerated in the Tower of London. However, Mary attempted to reconcile with the Hastings family and soon they were free again and by oath loyal to her.

Henry entered the household of his great-uncle Reginald Cardinal Pole and followed him in his visits of Calais, Flanders and the monasteries of Smithfield, London. The two men also escorted the later Philip II of Spain from the Seventeen Provinces to the Kingdom of England for his marriage to Mary. Despite his personal loyalty to Mary and his great-uncle, Hastings privately practiced Calvinism.

He had been loyal to Edward VI, Jane and Mary I during their respective reigns and his father remained an influential politician. When Mary died childless and was succeeded by her younger half-sister Elizabeth I in 1558, the new queen also counted on the reliable Hastings family among her supporters. He was named a Knight of the Bath by the new queen regnant.

His father died on 25 January 1560 and Henry became the third Earl of Huntingdon. At the time few members of the Tudor dynasty remained alive and several descendants of the previous English royal house of Plantagenet were seen as possible heirs to the throne. Huntingdon was among these possible heirs and won a certain amount of support, especially from the Protestants and the enemies of Mary I of Scotland. Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, his brother-in-law and favourite of Elizabeth, was a vocal supporter for his succession. However, Elizabeth now had reasons to distrust him and as a result several honours were kept out of his reach.

However, he was still useful to her. In 1572 he was appointed president of the Council of the North, and during the troubled period between the flight of Mary to England in 1568 and the defeat of the Spanish Armada twenty years later he was frequently employed in the north of England. It was doubtless felt that the earl's own title to the crown was a pledge that he would show scant sympathy with the advocates of Mary's claim. He assisted George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, to remove the Scottish queen from Wingfield Manor to Tutbury, and for a short time in 1569 he was one of her custodians.

He was named a Knight of the Garter in 1570, alongside William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcester.

Huntingdon was responsible for the compilation of an elaborate history of the Hastings family, a manuscript copy of which is now in the British Museum. As he died childless, his earldom passed to his brother George.

Childrens Playhouse At The Mansion Adelaide Hills 1969

Childrens Playhouse At The Mansion Adelaide Hills 1969

Development of the property began in the 1850s when each of the sections which now make up the property, were owned by different individuals. It is believed that many of the poplars, elms and pines along Cox’s Creek that flows through the property were planted by these owners before the turn of the century.
In 1904 Tillie Comthwaite Wollaston bought a section of the property with the idea of living their when he retired, and he began planting to create a plant like setting for his future house. He purchased another section in 1911 and then the adjacent surrounding land as it came on the market.
In 1925-26 T. C. Wollaston established a nursery which he named Ray Nursery in memory of his eldest son who had been killed in the war. The surrounding area became known as Raywood.
At about this time, T.C Wollaston purchased a batch of Ash from Sewell’s Nursery (now Kemps) at Aldgate and noticed one had quite distinct foliage. This plant was planted in the collection at Raywood, and has become known as the “Claret Ash”, Fraxinus raywood.
Tullie Wollaston became an opal dealer in the late 1880s and helped to popularize the stone on the world’s gem markets during his numerous trips overseas. In 1924 he arranged a magnificent display of Australian opal at the Wembley exhibition, London.
Tullie Wollaston died on the 17th July 1931. During his lifetime, he wrote three books. These were ‘Our Wattles’(1915) , ‘The Spirit of the Child’(1924) and Opal : The Gem of the Never- Never (1924).He also published 2 pamphlets, one on the liquor trade and one against the stigma attached to unmarried mothers while those who fathered the children went free.
In February 1923 Alexander Russell Downer purchased the property from the estate of T.C.Wollaston. Downer took up residence in the cottage on the property and selected a site for a house below the brow of the hill amid the trees planted by T.C.Wollaston, and constructed a drive from the existing cottage up to the site for the house past the Blue Spruce and Blue Cedar planted on the side of the hill.
A.R.Downer returned to Adelaide from England with the concept of his ideal house based on the Georgian country houses of England, and commissioned architect Kenneth Milne to make this concept realty . Construction of the house from Basket Range sandstone with a roof of Willing slate, began in September 1934 and was completed in August 1935. The property was named Arbury Park after Arbury Hall near Nuneaton in Warwickshire, the seat of the Newdigate family , who are friends of A.R.Downer.
The garden was planned and laid out by A.R. Downer, first development being a series terraces to the lower level. In 1936 flights of steps were constructed leading from the portico of the house down to the lower level where a circular pool was made
During the 1930s Liquidamber, Lime and Cypress trees were planted in the lower garden to supplement the many fine specimens of Golden Deodar Cedar, Claret Ash and Copper Beech, planted byT.C.Wollaston and incorporated into the garden design by A.R.Downer
In later years, a pool in the southern part of the garden was enlarged and a small weir was constructed in Cox’s Creek to create a water meadow. Beyond the water meadow in an old orchard, a deer park was established with 30 deer.
In 1955 a small chapel was erected near the entrance to the deer park in memory of Mrs. D’arcy Addison ( formerly Lady Downer), and the surrounding slopes planted with Rhododendrons.
Sir Alexander Russell Downer K. B. E. was a Member of the House of Representatives for Angas in South Australia from 1949 until 1964 and was Australian High Commissioner in the United Kingdom from 1964 to 1972.
In 1964, the route for the South Eastern Freeway was selected from several alternatives. This carved through the water meadow and Deer Park. The Government purchased the property in 1964 and transferred it to the education department in 1965 for development as a residential in-service training centre for teachers, first of its kind in Australia.
Photo expom2uk.
Info By Courtesy of South Australian Heritage

cox free flight

cox free flight

Wonders of the Universe

Experience our universe as you've never seen it before
13.7 billion years old. 93 billion light-years across. It contains over 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. This infinite, vast and complex Universe has been the subject of human fascination and scientific exploration for thousands of years. The wonders of the Universe might seem alien to us and impossible to understand, but away from the telescopes, the labs and the white coats, Professor Brian Cox uses the evidence found in the natural world on Earth to brilliantly explain the truth of the cosmos.
Professor Cox will show how the vast and unfathomable phenomena of deep space can be explained, and even experienced, by re-examining the familiar here on Earth. He is determined to answer the most profound questions we can ask about ourselves and the world in which we live, but in a uniquely understandable way. The laws of light, gravity, time, matter and energy that govern us here on Earth are the same as those applied in the Universe. Using his expert knowledge and his infectious enthusiasm, Professor Cox shows us that if we can understand the impact of these governing laws on Earth it will bring us a step closer to an understanding of our Universe.

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