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tips on cheap flights

    cheap flights
  • A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that generally has lower fares.

  • Predict as likely to win or achieve something

  • (tip) the extreme end of something; especially something pointed

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Hendon, Westland Lysander III

Hendon, Westland Lysander III


Built by Westland Aircraft, Yeovil as part of contract No.23637/39. Serial number batch R9100
- R9135 from total order for 100 aircraft, part of a total of 367 Lysander Mk.IIIs constructed.
Delivered with Bristol Mercury XVA engine, later re-engined with 870hp Mercury XX engine.
02 Aug 40 No.5 MU Kemble.
29 Sep 40 One of 12 Mk. III Lysanders delivered to re-equip No.225 (Army Cooperation) Squadron at Tilshead, Wilts, replacing Lysander II aircraft.
The squadron was at this time tasked to fly reconnaissance patrols along a
section of south coast where German landings were expected. Flew with
`B' Flight on such patrols during the Battle of Britain, coded LX-. Part of
the 13 squadrons forming No.71 (Army Co-operation) Group.
28 Apr 41 Inspection found that six of No.225 Squadrons' Lysanders, probably
including R9125, had a cracked engine mounting strut, and they were sent
to the contractors for repair.
During its seven months with the squadron, R9125 had flown 36
operational coastal patrol and photo reconnaissance sorties, totalling 49?
hours, with several different crews, a full list of which is held with the
aircraft’s' history file.
02 Jun 41 Returned to No.5 MU Kemble.
08 Jul 41 To No.44 MU Edzell (Scotland).
18 Sep 41 To Westlands, Yeovil - modified for target towing duties.
24 Dec 41 To the newly opened RAF Chelveston for the Central Gunnery School.
Apr 42 Central Gunnery School moved to Sutton Bridge.
Undated To No.9 MU, Cosford.
18 Jun 42 To No.7 OTU, Limavady, Northern Ireland for target towing duties.
27 Aug 42 Tipped on its nose causing Cat. B damage - swung off the runway during a
down-wind landing.
31 Dec 42 To Central Navigation School, Cranage. ©ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM 2007
11 Jan 44 To No.5 MU, Kemble.
11 Feb 44 Returned to Westlands for repair/modification.
25 May 44 Work complete - awaiting collection.
28 May 44 To No.5 MU, Kemble.
15 Oct 44 To No.161 (Special Duties) Squadron, Tempsford, Beds. Special Duties
Lysander IIIs carried a 150-gallon long-range ventral fuel tank, extra oil
tank, rear bench seat, and port side external ladder. The Squadron code
was MA-though from April 1944 the Lysander Flight carried the codes
There is no evidence that R9125 flew operationally with this squadron, which flew its last
operational Lysander mission 5/6 August 1944, after which remaining Lysanders were used for
ferry and communications work, including non-operational special transport services to liberated
France and Belgium, until the Lysander Flight was disbanded in November 1944, three
Lysanders being retained for miscellaneous duties for a while longer. There is no mention
whatever of R9125 in No.161 Squadrons' ORB for the period October 1944 - May 1945.
15-21 Nov 44 Flt Lt. George Turner was flying at Tempsford and at Somersham for the
RAF Film Unit, which was making `School for Danger' for the Central
Office of Information. Later called `Now it Can be Told' it was premiered
in February 1947, and told something of the Special Duties Operations.
(See `We Landed by Moonlight' -Hugh Verity p.190). The film used a
Lysander coded JR-M, which Turner states was R9125. Certainly these
are the codes worn by the aircraft in the 1950s-60s at least, suggesting that
it was the aircraft used in the film. Photographic and airframe evidence
confirms that R9125 did at some stage carry the special duties ventral tank
and ladder as visible on the aircraft used in the film, and it retains the
Special Duties type bench seat and luggage space in the rear cockpit. (See
letter from Hugh Verity to David Upton, 25 Aug 1994 on A/C
correspondence file.)
09 Mar 45 Recorded as being on strength of No.38 Group.
1 Aug 45 Letter to Air Ministry Librarian (who had responsibility for preservation
of historic relics at this time) from W/Cdr. L.F. Ratcliff, RAF Tempsford
confirming that ‘Further to our conversation of yesterday…the particular
Lysander which we have at this station has quite a good history attached to
it. The number of the machine is R 9125…would you please confirm that
you will be requiring this aircraft, and that you can take it on to your
charge. (AIR 2/10, 185)
25 Aug 45 Allotted to No.76 MU for packing and storage as a Air Historical Branch
museum aircraft.
19 Nov 45 Flown from Tempsford to No.76 MU Wroughton (Packing Depot).
Jan 46 Lysanders declared obsolete by RAF. ©ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM 2007
1946 One of a dozen aircraft transferred to AHB storage at RAF Stanmore Park
due to closure of No.76 MU.
21 Jun 47 Final entry on movement card - `presumed struck-off charge'. However,
R9125 was possibly one of the two Lysanders still held in deep store Jan
48. 10 other Lysanders still on charge then were scrapped by the end of
1948, but one, V9326, earmarked as a historical aircraft in 1945, was not
sold for scrap until 28
April 1949.

Tachilek, Burma Dec 2005

Tachilek, Burma Dec 2005

VISA ....
2 weeks on arrival at the border. 10 dollars US or
500baht. 3 photos required. You leave your passport
iat immigration in Tachilek and are issued with a
folder which you hand in at the checkpoints and your
hotel to keep. The taxi drivers and hotel takes care
of all the paperwork for you.
CAREFUL if you wish to go to Mongla, you must
inform them at Tachilek. This stamp/permission can't
be obtained in Kengtung.
You have to have 37Yuan to pay to cross the border
into Mongla. The guard unhappily took my 5dollars US
as I had no Yuan. You can probably change money to
Yuan at the gold sellers at the market in Keng. where
I changed Yuan back to Kyet.

US dollars and thai baht can be used in
KENGTUNG/TACHILEK. They will often give change from
thai baht in thai baht. Small notes please. Keep some
small bills for last, as you don't want to be stuck
with Kyet before leaving.
MONGLA. Chinese currency only, and I changed mine
at a pharmacy upon arrival.

Get your US dollars before going to Mae Sai. 5
banks either had no USD, or only in 100 notes.
Exchange rates commonly rounded eg: 1,000 Kyet = 1
USD = 40baht=7.5 Yuan.

TACHILEK TO kENGTUNG Choose a driver at 8.30-9am
either at the end of the Tach bridge, or immigration
can organise this for you.
Thais paid 250b, but even if you can speak thai no one
we met paid under 450baht to Kengtung. Most of us paid
400b for the return trip.If there are less in the
taxi, the price goes up.
KENGTUNG TO MONGLA was 400 to 450b also.
Sometimes you can jump straight into a taxi and go,
another time I waited 3 hours at the guesthouse. I
think it would have been better if I had gone to the
taxi station myself.
Both these journeys took between 2 and a half to 3 and
a half hours. If your trip is shorter take some
mints...the road particularly to Mongla is very windy
and hilly/mountainous.
We often left our bags at the guesthouse when
arranging the taxi, as when they have 4 people, they
come and pick up other passengers anyway.
We didn't try the bus from Tach. as the station is
a couple of K's out of town, and I didn't fancy my
chances of getting a bus driver to drive back to the
border to immigration to wait an hour or more to
process the papers.

Didn't see any anywhere.

Lucky you if you can speak some thai already, as
the Shan people speak Thai Yai, which is similar, so
it is well understood and spoken in Tach. and Keng.
Mongla is a Wa state, so they speak chinese. Very
little English was spoken in the 2 days I was there,
apart from a few Burmese/Shan there who spoke thai and
a bit of english.

My favorite subject....Tachilek and Kengtung you
can get chinese, burmese, Shan and thai.
Side of the road stalls sell Indianstyle
springrolls, samosas and bean patties similar to
felafel Yuuuuuuuuuum. Approx 50Kyet each.
KENGTUNG....Aung Naing restaurant on the street
next to the market has pots of mildly spiced burmese
curries which come with soup, 2 dipping sauces,
condiment and fresh cabbage/lettuce/herbs. All this
and a drink for 1,300kyet. Gorgeous. There are 2
restaurants in this street, this is the bigger and
better one.
There is a huge restaurant 2 doors down from
Shein Tip hotel on the airport road which is
fantastic. Thai, burmese and chinese food.
Shan food uses salty soybean sauce for flavor and
pickled vegies unlike other parts of burma that use
fermented fish sauce.
MONGLA....Chinese mostly.....and you can eat your
noodle soup to the sound of hacking and spitting on
the floor at the next table. mmmmm

The central market in Kengtung and Mongla sell a
lot of cheap chinese clothing, some fruits and vegies
and pots and pans....some sarongs as well. Nothing
special but ok for a look!

TACHILEK. 9 stars hotel. 350-400b double with hot
water and tv.
Small rooms but cosy and comfortable.

KENGTUNG.... SAM YWET on airport road. 8-10 USD
per person even if you use the same room. Huge bunglow
with solar hot sun, so fffreeezzzzing.
Damp and mouldy smelling, although this place would be
nice in the summer. free b'fast.
SAM YWET in town close to the market. Same price
as above.Nicer place with spasmodic hotwater and free
b'fast (egg, toast, fruit coffee) Very nice people.
Not good value for couples, as most paid 20dollars US
for the same room I paid 8USD for. You can bargain if
you stay longer.
HARRYS HOUSE... was full, but looked good. A
couple I met paid 10USD a room for the two of them,
but you can also get 5USD rooms with hotwater. It is a
little out of town but not too far to walk. It is only
2-300kyet by motorbike taxi or tuk tuk.
SHEIN TIP HOTEL... 7USD for small and a bit dingy
rooms with hotwater. Larger room available, and the
15USD room was much brighter and huge with 3 double
beds.Nice people, helpful manager who speaks good
english, and an outstandin

tips on cheap flights

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